Spring Bear Options, Dates & Rates

Option #1 – American Plan Lodge Hunt:

  • Spring Bear Hunt

This trip is based from our main American Plan Lodge on McGavock Lake. It offers hunters the ultimate in accommodations, service, food and equipment. Hunters stay in private, fully modern, self contained chalets. A professional chef prepares your meals while the friendly staff is always on hand to ensure every detail of your northern Manitoba spring Black Bear hunting adventure is the very best it can be. 12' high metal ladder stands with 48" by 17" padded seats provide a safe, secure platform for your hunting activities. This is a top of the line bear hunt, with access to the entire first 40 miles of the Laurie River System hunters enjoy prime trophy hunting for monster Manitoba Black Bear.

Hunt dates: May 31st – June 8th, 2017
Trip Cost: $5275.00 from Winnipeg
Please Note: Now Booking for 2017 & 2018 Hunts

Option #2 – Kamuchawie Outpost Hunt:

This hunt will be will be based at our new (built in 2005) outpost camp on Kamuchawie Lake. It offers the hunter a remote, fly-in only hunt with modern facilities. Indoor plumbing, private bedrooms, solid log walls, 110 V electricity and running water. Kamuchawie is a big lake (20 Miles+) located right on the Saskatchewan / Manitoba border. The stands are all solid metal ladder stands, 12' in the air and 12 to 25 yards from the bait. This camp includes guides, guides helpers and a camp manager.

Hunt Dates: June 16th – 24th, 2017
Trip Costs $5075.00 from Winnipeg
Please Note: Now Booking for 2017 & 2018 Hunts

Option #3 – Runner Lake Tent Camp Hunt:

Our most remote hunt is conducted from a tent camp located on Runner Lake. Runner is actually a chain of 3 lakes connected by short portages. By utilizing these portages our hunters have access to a huge area approximately 60 miles southwest of Lynn Lake. Traditionally we have had our best success on big bears at this camp. The camp itself consists of dome sleeping tents and a large RV shelter for cooking. The stands are metal ladder stands, 12' high and 12 – 25 yards from the bait or solid platform stands built into several trees to make a large comfortable seating area. There are guides, guides helpers and a camp manager at this camp as well.

Trip Dates: to June 8th – 16th, 2017
Trip Cost: $5075.00 / hunter from Winnipeg.
Please Note: Now Booking for 2017 & 2018 Hunts

Option #4 – Murray Lake Tent Camp Hunt:

Murray Lake offers spring Black Bear hunters an opportunity to hunt our huge northern Manitoba Black Bears on Murray Lake, Talon Lake and No Name Lake from the comfort of our modern Tent Camp on the north shoreline of Murray Lake. Portages between Talon & Murray and No Name and Murray give hunters access to a huge area of ultra remote northern Manitoba wilderness. Forest fires in 2003 & 2005 have created vast areas of incredible Black Bear habitat which draws large numbers of bears from the surrounding area to feast on the Blue Berries that flourish in the old burns. The fishing on Murray Lake is excellent for Northern Pike and Lake Trout while No Name and Talon offer excellent fishing for Northern Pike and Walleye. Yet another reason to choose this camp as the venue for your 2014 Northern Manitoba Spring Black Bear Hunting Adventure.

Trip Dates: June 8th – 16th or June 12th – 20th, 2017
Trip Costs: $5075.00 / hunter from Winnipeg
Please Note: Now Booking for 2017 & 2018 Hunts

I could go on for hours about our bear hunting. Perhaps the best thing to do is give me a call on the 800 number so we can discuss the plusses and minuses of each camp. I may be reached at 1-800-426-2533 anytime. – Brent