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  • Fishing at Laurie River Lodge

Centuries ago glaciers filled thousands of lakes in northern Manitoba with runoff water as they receded to the North. As the lakes overflowed a river began to cut a path between them and the Laurie River was born. Today this slow flowing tributary to the mighty Churchill River provides sport fishermen from around the world with some of the finest Northern Pike, Walleye and Lake Trout found anywhere on earth.

Strategically located in the heart of the finest Pike and Walleye Manitoba (perhaps the entire world) has to offer McGavock Lake and Laurie River Lodge provide sport fishermen a perfect place to base their quest for the prized Trophy Northern Pike. Each year our guests catch hundreds of fish 40" or better and literally thousands of Pike between 30 and 40 inches. In 2003 we boasted 3 fish over 50" and recorded 3 of the top 6 fish in the Manitoba Master Angler Magazine for that year. Successive years have been equally successful with well over 200 trophy Pike caught every year. The fact that the number of trophy fish caught at Laurie River Lodge in 2017 was the highest ever at just over 250 attests to the fact that our Catch and release policies along with proper handling techniques are really paying off.

  • Fishing at Laurie River Lodge

Walleye also abound in the Laurie River. The same slow flowing system that created hundreds of shallow water bays for the Pike also provides a perfect habitat for spawning Walleye. Fun to catch, great to eat, fresh Walleye is the key ingredient to the daily shore lunches cooked up by our professional guides. While they are great to eat our Walleye regularly attain trophy size of 28 inches making them almost as sought after as the Northern Pike by trophy fishermen.

Not to be outdone by the Pike and Walleye, the Laurie River system also produces some huge Lake Trout making this fishery one of the few that has outstanding representation from all three of northern Manitoba's most sought after game fish.